The Best wi-fi router Reviews

In this article we will try to deal with the choice of Wi-Fi router for the home or apartment. This is a group of devices in which I can give some advice, to talk about all the nuances, and even suggest specific models. As for tips for buying specific models, then I really do not like to give such advice. Not least because I was not in your home, do not know for what purpose you choose a router, which you have internet access, how many and which devices will be connected to the Internet, is there in your home interference, and most importantly, what the bag you plan spend on buying a router. This point applies not only to routers and other equipment.

Choosing a router for home or apartment

549409But if you want to direct specific recommendations at the end of this article, I will give an example, several models of routers, which would advise to buy. But if that’s not my fault we consider 🙂 choice router for a private house or apartment. While here, you can probably still include small offices.

And once important advice. If you have an unlimited budget, and do not mind spending a decent bag of it, buy one of the most expensive routers, which can be found in some popular online store. Take the one that looks like it. It will cost about $ 300 (if not to take into account Apple routers). But he definitely will work stably, and it will be all that you need.

First, we will deal in the technical aspects of what to look for when choosing a router. For what purposes will approach one or another model, and will not be any problems during use. Then, I will write my opinion about what Wi-Fi router is better to buy in 2016, what would your purchase is not outdated quickly, and you do not have a year to buy a new model. Well, as promised, I would suggest a couple of specific routers, which should be suitable for an apartment (a private house).
Choosing a router for the house: technical aspects

The first thing you need to understand what we need in general router. In terms of technical characteristics: type of WAN port, the number of LAN-ports and their speed, frequency of the Wi-Fi network and its speed, availability of USB-connectors and various additional functions.

You should already understand about the purposes for which the router will use. It is clear that you are buying it is likely to distribute the internet to your device via Wi-Fi network, and possibly over the network cable.

Council. If you have a stationary computers (without Wi-Fi), then it would have after installing the router does not lay it to the cable, and connect over a wireless network, you can buy just a special Wi-Fi adapters.

General, what you need to focus when choosing a router for home, so this is an area that should be covered by the signal Wi-Fi network, the number of devices that will connect to the router, and the tasks that you perform on these devices (Web browsing, downloading files, online video, online games and so on. d.).

It’s simple: the router simply can not cover all the signal room in your home. For example, due to poor transmitter antenna or (and their amounts). And if you buy a cheap router, it just will not be able to operate stably when connecting a large number of devices. Or, when watching online video in high quality, online games and so on. D. Will constantly hang, reboot, and the like. As you already know, everything is very individual. Generally, the router is expensive, the more it can withstand the load to be more stably, and further can “punch” Wi-Fi signal.
Pick up the router for the ISP (WAN-port type)

39132The first thing you should pay attention, because it is on the WAN connector type. It is a way to connect the router to your ISP. The characteristics of this information is always available. It all depends on what you do online.

Ethernet – the most popular type of connection. This common network RJ-45 connector. Almost all Wi-Fi routers that are on the wound, have Ethernet WAN-port. A provider in your home paves the ordinary network cable, which we directly connect to the router.
ADSL modems with Wi-Fi – in fact, it is conventional routers just as the WAN-port, have an RJ-11 connector to connect the telephone cable. And if you already have a conventional ADSL modem, then you just need to buy a router with a conventional Ethernet port (and connect it to a modem).
3G / 4G Wi-Fi routers – if you have internet via USB-modem, and you want to adjust the distribution of the Internet by Wi-Fi, you will need a special router with support for 3G / 4G modems. On the choice of the router to work with USB-modem, I wrote in this article. Usually, in the characteristics of these routers is written: WAN-port – USB 3G.

There are routers that can be called universal. Because they connect to the Internet can be like a regular Ethernet port, and a USB-port for 3G modems. However, the availability of USB-port does not mean that there is support for modems. You need to look characteristics.

Supported protocols: one more point that I think you can not pay attention. There I will bring the protocols to connect to your ISP: L2TP, PPPoE, PPTP. In today’s routers, this problem should arise. Unless, you have some special provider.
Wi-Fi network: frequency, speed, range

The operating frequency of Wi-Fi networks (5 GHz and 2.4 GHz) – at the time of this writing (May 2016 year), most routers (in not expensive mainly), which is on sale, distribute Wi-Fi network at the usual rate of 2.4 GHz, which is already heavily loaded. But, there are active on the market models that support Wi-Fi to work at a frequency of 5 GHz. This new technology, and it is a router that supports the frequency of 5 GHz, I would advise buying in 2016. For more information about dual-band routers (dual band, because it supports the frequency of 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz), the pros and compatibility, I wrote in the article: What is a dual-band Wi-Fi router (Dual-Band Wi-Fi)? How does it work and is it worth buying. You can already find a dual-band model for a very good price.

Speed on Wi-Fi – the cheapest model routers, distribute Wi-Fi at speeds up to 150 Mbit / s. I would advise not to buy such models. Unless you take a router to connect one to three devices and to surf the Internet, or video viewing is not high quality. It is better to report 5-10 dollars and buy a model that distributes the wireless network at speeds up to 300 Mbit / s.

With regard to the standards of a wireless network, it must necessarily be 802.11n support. And if you choose to router from mid-range and above, it is desirable to have to take a model with support for new high-speed 802.11ac standard.

The rate depends on many factors:.. The number of connected devices, power router, ISP, interference, etc. Read the reviews tend to write it once, highly router cutting speed Wi-Fi, or not. Regarding the connection speed over the wireless network, you can still read this article.

Radius’s Wi-Fi network – many ask: “how to choose a router with a maximum range of the wireless network.” Good question, and intuitive, but give a concrete answer to it is very difficult. Because, in the range of the very strong influence of the wall (the number and materials), noise (mainly from neighboring Wi-Fi networks), the location of the router in the house, and of the power of the router. The signal passes through a very bad concrete mills, where there are metal.

If you have a large apartment, say that more than 100 squares, or a house of several floors, it is likely that a router is not enough, even the most powerful. In this case, the best option is to install a repeater.

And if you choose a router for a one-room apartment, in your case it will be enough, even the cheapest model in terms of range of the network. For medium-sized homes, I would advise buying routers are priced from $ 50. Well, it is desirable to buy a model with at least two antennas (on 5dBi power). But, there are good models with internal antennas, which practically does not concede to the outside. Typically, the presence of three or more for example antenna not affect the range of the Wi-Fi network, and the connection speed. Just pay attention, detachable antenna, or not. In case you want to replace them, to install more powerful.

According to my observations, the radius of action is not highly dependent on the price of the router. Most likely because the maximum capacity of the router simply limited by the manufacturer (in accordance with the laws of the country in which they are supplied).
Available ports: LAN and USB

At a minimum, 1 LAN-port be exact. Typically, routers on the LAN-port 4. Sometimes more. LAN-port is needed to connect the devices to the Internet via the network cable (PCs, TVs, game consoles and so on. D.).

With regard of USB-ports, but now they are not on the cheaper models. But, it seems to me, that soon there will be no routers USB. Therefore, I advise you to choose a router, with the presence of at least one USB-ports. He needed to connect USB flash drives, printers or USB 3G modem (if you have modems support). By connecting a USB flash drive or external HDD to the router, you can arrange to share files, or run a DLNA-server. And connecting the printer, you can configure the print server.

USB and LAN ports when choosing a router

1_image002733It is all depends on the model and manufacturer. For example, models from ASUS, are able to still yourself to download files to the drive. I have already said what needed USB-connector on the ASUS routers. You can look, for example.
Power Wi-Fi router, and its performance

Filling the router is also very important. The more powerful processor and more RAM, the more stable will run the router. It will keep more devices connected without any problems to withstand torrents download, online games, DLNA server performance, and so on. D. And yet, most importantly, will not be the speed of the fall, ping, packet loss.

I do not think I need to direct study all the nuances associated with the iron that is running one or another router, unless you’re interested. Here, everything is very simple, the more expensive model, so it is more powerful. If you buy a router for 15-20 dollars, connect it to multiple devices, start downloading a torrent, an online game, and open another online video, it is likely that he just hangs. Or, the speed will drop very much. And it will work only after the reboot. It is quite normal for its price range.

That’s why I advise you not to save on your router. Because you connect to it all their computers, tablets, phones, televisions, and all of them will suffer from weak router, which all time will be cutting speed and just “fall” from the load. It brings a lot of inconvenience, and most likely you soon will think about buying a new router, more powerful and therefore expensive.
Price and manufacturer

At this point, the router is the cheapest you can buy for about $ 15. I wrote above that such routers buy only if you do not need a lot of performance and speed.

The best course to take the routers, which cost between $ 30 and above. This is only my opinion. These devices are suitable for home use, but without fanaticism. Here we must understand that we get as much as we pay. Well, it all depends on the tasks that has to cope with that specific router in your case.

With regard to the producer, the most popular of course, TP-LINK, ASUS, D-LINK, ZyXEL, Linksys, Tenda, Netis. If you’re wondering, I have now ASUS. I like routers from TP-LINK, which also often use and recommend to others. Relatives, inexpensive TP-LINK TL-WR841N is already more than five years working without any problems. Not so long ago he met with routers from ZyXEL. Also very much. Tenda makes a low-cost model.

I think that we should not get hung up on the manufacturer. Look for patterns, characteristics, price, appearance at last. Familiar with routers from all manufacturers, which enumerated above, and I can not say that some bad and some good. Each manufacturer, there are certain things that personally I liked or not liked (control panel, accessories, instructions, packaging, setup process, reliability, and so on. D.). But, it practically does not affect the operation of the router.

I often see questions like: “What better router, ASUS, or TP-LINK”. One can endlessly argue which brand is better and which is worse. I believe that in this case, is more correct to consider specific models which are close in price.

Smoothies for bowel cleansing

Beautiful appearance, healthy skin, great feeling – is primarily a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. This means that you should promptly clear the body of toksinov.Pravilno prepared smoothie can replace a complete meal. A smoothie for bowel cleansing will give everyone a healthy body and provide a good mood.

To include your family diet smoothies, not necessarily every day to visit the specialty restaurants. You can easily prepare it at home by yourself. To do this you need to purchase the desired product and click on the button of the kitchen blender. Replace one meal a day tasty and healthy cocktails, efficient recipes that we offer you and.


    Vegetable smoothies;
    Fruit and vegetable green smoothies;
    Smoothies “Sicily”;

If you really decide to rid your body of toxins, cleanse the intestines and to normalize its general condition, never buy ready-made mixes for smoothies, today you can buy in any hypermarket. They necessarily present chemical additives that are usually incompatible with the ingredients in the food when it comes to purifying body. Your slag them adequately appreciate and quickly begin to increase their number. Therefore, only natural products in a smoothie to help you organize the process of digestion, metabolism and normalize metabolism, and feel the natural flow of energy.

Vegetable smoothies

Treated leaves of cabbage – 1 cup;
Green apple – 1 pc;
Parsley – 0.5 cups;
Banana – 1 pc.

Peel the apple and banana. Cut away the thick veins with cabbage leaves and chop all knife. Parsley tear hands, and lower in the bowl of a blender. Carefully chop all the vegetables and fruit in a bowl and pour a glass of water – you should have a consistency of yogurt. Therefore, to adjust the amount of water you can do.

Helpful advice! It must be remembered that the highest percentage of pesticides is in the skins of some fruits and vegetables and in the upper layers of the fetus. Therefore, in the preparation of smoothies, which aims to clean the intestines and body as a whole, this fact should be taken into account. Thus, you will be able to limit the ingress of pesticides in the body, respectively, the accumulation of toxins in the body will stop.

Fruit and vegetable green smoothies

mint leaves – 1 handful;
parsley – 1 handful;
fresh juice of citrus (mandarin, orange) – 200 ml .;
celery – 2 branches;
mango cubes – 1 cup;
peeled and hacked cabbage leaves – 1 cup.

All the greens, which is in the list of ingredients, tear and fold hands in the bowl of a blender. Chop up kashepodobnogo state and add mango. Again grind until smooth and slowly add the juice – you should have a consistency of thick yogurt.

Green smoothies perfectly restores the intestinal microflora and helps to eliminate toxins naturally. Calorie this smoothie is high enough, so they can replace a complete meal.

Smoothies “Sicily”

Inclusion in the diet smoothies “Sicily” power not only effectively cleanses the intestines, but also helps reduce blood pressure, strengthen the cardiovascular system. Therefore, if some of you suffer from low blood pressure, then, unfortunately, this recipe is not for you.

Garden cress – 1 cup;
Carrots – 6 pcs .;
Spinach – 1 cup;
Ripe fruit of tomatoes – 3 pcs .;
Bulgarian pepper (red) – 2 pcs .;
Green celery – 4 branches;
Cloves of garlic – 4 pcs.

Diced carrots, bell peppers and tomatoes. Clove of garlic passed through the press directly into the bowl of a blender. Tear hands herbs and garlic to send. Behind them cubes of carrots and bell pepper. Turn on the blender and carefully ground in a mess. At the end, add the juicy fruit of tomatoes, and mix until smooth.

Drink Smoothies “Sicily” priority in the morning. It will give your body a charge for the whole time and active lifestyle stimulates the body to cleanse.

How to choose best blood pressure cuff

How to choose best blood pressure cuff

With one in 3 American adults suffering from high blood pressure, a health condition which increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and premature death, it’s important you keep track of your blood pressure.

Not only those suffering from high blood pressure, even seniors whose pressure levels tend to vary and diabetes patients should monitor their blood pressure levels to keep their pressure under control. This is best done using blood pressure cuffs which let you monitor your blood pressure levels at home.

Types of blood pressure cuffs

Blood pressure cuffs are available online and at medical supply stores and pharmacies. They are available in two popular types; arm and wrist monitors where the arm monitors are attached to the arm and the smaller wrist monitors, to the wrist.

If you wonder which you should buy, these tips should prove helpful in helping you choose the best blood pressure cuff for yourself.

  1. Check the fit

The fit is important as a wrong sized cuff can lead to a bad reading. While most arm models fit arms measuring 9 to 13 inches in circumference, it’s important that the cuff you choose fits your upper arm’s circumference well. As most people need a different size, it’s better choosing one with an adjustable cuff which fits several sizes.

  1. Accurate readings

Check the monitor’s packaging to ensure it has been tested individually for accuracy and reliability. Wrist cuffs are generally less accurate than the arm models perhaps because it’s difficult to ensure it’s properly aligned to your heart’s level. This is why wrist models are not often recommended.

  1. Ease of use

You should be able to easily read and understand the monitor’s display. The monitor should also have big enough buttons and clear directions for applying the cuff and operating the monitor.

  1. Portability

You’ll need a carrying case if you plan to take the monitor along while traveling.

  1. Additional features

Some monitors have additional features like irregular heartbeat detection for arrhythmias and other abnormalities, data-averaging function for getting an average of multiple readings, computer connections to download the data to your computer, multiple user memory to save previous readings of two or more users and a risk category indicator indicating high blood pressure levels.

With this information in hand, you should not find any difficulty in finding the perfect blood pressure cuff which helps you monitor and control your blood pressure levels!

Body Pillow Covers

Body Pillow Covers

Your solace when resting somewhat relies on upon the pillow that you are utilizing. On the off chance that you want to cuddle up and need your full body to incline toward something when dozing, then standard pillows apparently won’t suffice and in the process won’t give you the agreeable rest that you require.

To get the solace that you need with customary pillows, you may need various of them in your bed. In spite of the fact that that could work, so a hefty portion of them is encompassing you can take up a large amount of space leaving you a little for a constrained development. To take care of that issue, what you will need is a best body pillow.

Body Pillow Covers

As a rule, a body pillow is a pillow planned to give full body solace. It is additional enormous and additional since a long time ago contrasted with the general pillows that can frequently be seen utilized. The particular body parts to which they can give the best solace are neck, shoulder, back and legs.

When they first turn out, body pillows were in an exceptionally constrained assortment. Today, however, so a hefty portion of them are as of now accessible that it had turned out to be a significant test to distinguish which among them is the best. In particular, there are the Google, snoozer and down quill body pillows.

Body Pillow Covers

One encouragement that there enormous populace is giving, however, is that there is one accessible for just about anybody. There are you body pillows that are for children and there are additionally those for grown-ups. Also, there are maternity body pillows that mainly give impressive backing to under and the back of the developing midsection.

What’s more, fundamentally, alongside the expansion of full body pillows that were accessible for procurement, body pillow covers had additionally ascended in number. As a body pillow is greater than the normal one, it takes after that standard pillowcase just won’t take a shot at it. To allow its supplement, more fabulous pillow cover is required.

Covers for body pillows broadly fluctuate in examples, hues, and compositions. That had made it less demanding for you to search for one that will fit a particular room topic. Notwithstanding that, completely body pillow cases can likewise be tweaked empowering you to join and arrange your configuration to your bedding decisions.

With those outlines, compositions, and hues, plainly body pillow covers have beautiful capacities. Nonetheless, likely the most important utilization of them is giving security to your body pillows. With them, those won’t recolored or get grimy effectively which helps in keeping up their beautifying usefulness.

You can make your own particular pillow covers, and you will require the accompanying materials, for example,dressmaker pins, fabric-checking pens, and fabric.

Initially, pre-wash the material and iron it if necessary. Cut the fabric by utilizing the cutting board, checking pen, and measure it with the measuring stick and cut out the measurements required for your pillow. In your pillow covers, include first fabric paint or outline in your material before you begin to connect and sew the cover. Append the two sides, pin it until the edges, and ensure that it is equally adjusted. After, addition the zipper on the middle crease and sew the sides and the zipper. On the edge of the material, lift the press foot of your machine and swivel the fabric for the fastens to stay straight.

How long it takes for a carpet to dry

How long it takes for a carpet to dry

If you have a carpet in your living or working area you are certainly aware of how important it is to keep them clean. It’s not just that dirt will bury itself deep between the fiber of the material, affecting the carpet’s esthetics. There are also health issues involved that you should be alert to. Carpets are warming the space between material and the floor, making them a hot-spot for fungal and mold growth, which can lead to serious skin and respiratory reactions. Also, as carpets are constantly trapping dirt, dust, crumbs and other biological waste between the fibers they attract insects of all kinds. And no to mention that a carpet that is long overdue for maintenance and cleaning is also making the rest of your space look and feel dirty and neglected.

When you have taken all this into account you should get in touch with a steam cleaning service right away. The crew will usually take less than half an hour to clean one room, but it may take even longer for them to finish depending on the amount of dirt that the carpet collected in time, as well as factors such as heavy furniture that needs moving around, and deep stains that need to be extracted by special treatments. (source)

There is no simple answer to the question of how long will it take for a carpet to dry after the steam cleaning. Generally, it shouldn’t be less than 8 hours and more than a day, but there is a whole assortment of factors to take in consideration.

First of all there is the ventilation of the room where your carpet is. The air flow should be constant and the air should flow seamlessly across the room (usually between a window and a door). Open every window and door possible and secure them to provide the draft. If there is an air conditioning in the room use it. Make sure the ventilation shafts are clean and fans work well, to accelerate drying time.

Then, you must consider the overall humidity and temperature of the room. Turn on the heating system and keep the temperature steady. If possible, use a dehumidifier to lower the humidity of the air. And of course, the drying time will be affected by the thickness of your carpet itself, because a thicker carpet will hold more moisture and will take a bit more time to get completely dry.

According Article you don’t need to avoid walking over the recently steam cleaned carpet, just don’t step on them in shoes straight from the street. Use clean slippers or shoes to keep the carpet clean as long as possible.

More helpful information you find on this sources