Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller Review

The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is an ideal choice for busy families on the go. It accommodates two children quite comfortably and has the distinction of being the first double stroller that has room for two KeyFit® car seats. Whether your children are infants or toddlers, the Cortina stroller will work for you.

Chicco has been manufacturing baby care products for more than 50 years. The largest infant brand in Europe, with merchandise currently available in over 160 countries, it is a company you can trust.

Important Features of the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller

One of the most important things to consider, when shopping for a stroller, is features. After all, it is the features that make any product more convenient to use. Here is a short list of things to look for:

  • Durable Construction
  • Ease of Assembly
  • Comfort
  • Storage Capabilities
  • Warranty

Preparing to transport two small children is much harder than getting ready to travel with just one. In order to make things easier, you should invest in a strong stroller that will withstand many trips taken with two active infants or toddlers.

Of course, not everyone will place the same amount of important on these features. But, the following information should be taken into account before making a final decision. Failure to do so only increases the chance that you will be somewhat dissatisfied with your purchase.

Durable Construction

The Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is definitely built to last. The aluminum frame construction easily withstands years of not so gentle use. You want a stroller that can be folded and unfolded hundreds of times without any problems. It also needs to be tough enough to accommodate curious children, always on the move. Ideally, it needs to serve its purpose from your first child to your last.

Ease of Assembly

Please, don’t be put off by the fact that this stroller needs to be assembled. Instructions are very detailed and easy to follow. Most consumers found that the Cortina goes together very quickly and had no complaints whatsoever. No tools are required to put it together.


Your children’s comfort is paramount. This stroller has comfy padded seats and a canopy that will shield them from the sun. The handy cup holders allow them to get a drink whenever they want to, without asking for assistance.

Storage Capabilities

Taking along necessities isn’t a problem with this Chicco stroller. The roomy zippered storage bag is located out of the way…but easy to get to at the same time. Use it to store diapers, an extra change of clothes, snacks or even shopping bags.


It is never a good idea to purchase any type of product without a warranty. In doing so, you will be held solely responsible for any and all repairs from the date of purchase. Honestly, who wants to be in that situation?

This double stroller is backed by a one-year replacement guarantee. The “no questions asked” warranty should give you the peace of mind you need to be totally confident with your purchase.

What’s Included?

  • Chicco Cortina Stroller
  • Cup Holder’s
  • Storage Basket
  • Canopy

Is There a Warranty?

Yes, this stroller comes with a 1 year manufacturer warranty and, when purchased on, there is an additional 365 day warranty. (Please make sure to check out the restrictions applied before you purchase)

Customer Reviews

The vast majority of consumers who have purchased the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller will be the first to admit that they don’t know what they ever did without it. The stroller has a current Amazon rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars at the time of writing, and owners love the fact that it isn’t big and bulky and that it is very easy to maneuver. The average parent who uses this double stroller was thrilled by the easy assembly and how fast they can get the stroller set up when they are out and about with their little ones. The owners of this double stroller are saying:

  • “Easy to push, easy to steer, stylish, comfortable, and great!”
  • “We just picked up our Together stroller in the Cubes pattern and couldn’t be happier.”
  • “I purchased this item for my two granddaughters, and they love it!”
  • “We’ve had this stroller for about 6 months and so far it’s everything you would expect out of a Chicco…quality and functionality.”
  • “I can say that it is strong, love the big wheels!”


As you might expect, there are complaints about this Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller. No product is completely flawless and it’s virtually impossible to please everyone. However, as a rule, these complaints are minimal and for the most part were resolved quickly.

Some people feel as though the stroller is difficult to open with one hand, as the instructions indicate. Others have issues with the fact that they can’t see their children through the stroller window unless they are in direct sunlight and the fact that the wheels stick out further than expected. This makes it difficult to go through narrow areas such as checkout lanes.

Even though a few consumers started out with complaints, after they used their double stroller for a couple of weeks they updated their reviews. The owners of the stroller said that after getting used to transporting and using the stroller; opening the stroller with one hand and maneuvering it in tight spaces became easier.

The Pros and Cons

Sometimes reading consumer reviews doesn’t provide enough information to help you make the best decision. In cases like this you should always consider a list of the products pros and cons.


  • Your children will experience a comfortable ride.
  • Thorough assembly instructions, which make the stroller easier to put together.
  • KeyFit® car seat compatible.


  • Wider wheel base than expected.
  • Sometimes difficult to unfold with one hand.
  • The canopy comes loose a little too easily.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Chicco Cortina Together Double Stroller is an excellent choice for growing families who do a fair amount of traveling. Whether it’s exploring the neighborhood or vacationing in another part of the world, this stroller can hold up to almost any adventure.

Chicco products are manufactured with busy families in mind. Don’t purchase a stroller without considering the Cortina. Chances are it’s exactly what you’re looking for.