Scooba Floor Washing Robot vs Dirt Dog Workshop Robot

  1. Scooba Floor Washing Robot – No More Mopping

    If you hate washing or mopping the floor just as much as you hate vacuuming the home, then the Scooba floor washing robot might be what you are looking for. The Scooba comes from the same makers as the Roomba, iRobot. There are a few models available but the best selling tend to be the Scooba 330 and the Scooba 350. The latest model is the Scooba 380.

    These appliances look and function like a Roomba. Not so much a vacuum robot but a floor cleaning robot. They are disk shaped and can be programmed to function independently. They can clean floors such a linoleum or hardwood floorswhen you are at out of the house or even at night when you are a sleep.

    They are ‘intelligent’ enough to sense various obstacles and can follow walls so as to get as much coverage of the floors as possible. They even have a cliff top sensor so that they do not fall down stairs or over ledges (when used on a multi-level house).

    All the Scooba’s work in the same way.  They use a 4 stage process when cleaning a room.

    This includes a prep stage that picks up any loose dirt or other debris on the floors surface.

    Then comes the washing stage. A brush spreads a cleaning solution around to loosen dirt and grime on the floor. Separate containers for cleaning fluid and dirty used solution are housed in the Scooba so that clean solution is always used on the floors.

    The next stage is the scrubbing which uses a brush mechanism to remove the dirt, grime, and other stuck-on messes.

    The final stage is the drying process. The Scooba will go over the floor with a squeegee like device to mop up any wet spots. This should leave the floors dry and ready for walking on.

    The Scooba can use water as the cleaning solution but better results will be achieved with the Clorox Scooba cleaning solution that comes with the purchase of the Scooba. You receive one bottle of Clorox with your purchase but after that you will have to re-order new bottles. See if this is warranted by trying a wash with Clorox and with water or any other combination of water and other cleaning liquid.

    Along with the 8-ounce bottle of Clorox Scooba cleaning solution you will also receive a measuring cup, an APS battery, a power supply and charging base. There is also a detailed operating guide so that you can get the best out of your cleaning robot. One Virtual Wall is also supplied for more advanced use of the Scooba. This allows you to set an area of the room or house that you don’t want the robotic floor cleaner to access. It is called a virtual wall because it sends out an infra red beam of light that the Scooba detects as a wall and will turn away from. The floor-washing robot measures 14-3/4 by 14-3/4 by 3-1/2 inches and carries a one-year warranty.

    Many comments on the Scooba are favorable. It does what it says it will do. It may not cover every area (such as hard to get places or tight corners) but in general it will clean your floors to a good standard.

    2. Dirt Dog Workshop Robot

    The Dirt Dog Workshop Robot is the tough nut of the Roomba pack. In fact the dirt dog is designed to work outdoors or rather in outdoor living areas. It will help to keep workshops, garages, patios and other outdoor living spaces cleanfrom dirt and small items that might find their way to the floor. It can also be used in shops and commercial locations like warehouses or factories (although they would have to be pretty small warehouses/factories to be honest)

    The Dirt Dog is ideal in a garage where it can clean under hard to get areas like underside a car or a workbench. It is also effective in a workshop where dirt and debris that is a little coarser than indoors is likely to collect. The Dirt dog has a sweeper system alongside the vacuuming ability so that it can sweep up wood shavings, small nuts and bolts and other things that might be found on the floor of a workshop. The dirt dog also has a large dirt bin so that it can accommodate these larger than usual items.

    Most people that have a dirt dog seem very happy with the vacuum robot. It does what they expected it to do and helps to keep their living and work areas clean. Other people even use the Dirt dog indoors and seem to report that it does a good job of keeping carpets clean, even when there is pet hair on the carpet.

    The Dirt dog has all the standard features of the other Roomba robots. This include the intelligence to avoid sudden drops, like stair and ledges. It can follow walls to ensure that most of the floor space is covered by the cleaning and brushing mechanism.

    The iRobot 110 Dirt Dog comes with a users guide that gets you started. There is also a Standard battery and charger. The vacuum robot comes with a cleaning tool so that you can remove any build up of dirt and other items that may degrade the cleaning performance of the appliance.

    This is one of the most popular Roomba robotic cleaning devices. It is also one of the cheaper options.

    From a flat battery, the charger will take 7 hours to fully charge the Dirt dog battery. A standard 1 year warranty applies to this robot as is the case with most of the Roomba vacuum robots.